Krishna River

Fast Facts

•Place of Origin : Western Ghats of Mahabaleshwar

•Compliance : Comes Under Sangameshwar

•Place of Pilgrimage : Audumber and Narsobawadi near Sangli of Maharashtra

Krishnaveni or River Krishna meaning dark in Sanskrit, is one of the largest and longest Rivers of India. Originating in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 1300 ft above the sea level in Mahabaleshwar it ends at Bay of Bengal.

Flowing through the three states Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh it covers an approximate area of 1300 kms. In India, the river waters are transparent, light, stimulating, light , appetizing and sweet. They are dranked, prayed, poured and used for various purposes. However the properties of river waters differ according to the areas in which they flow. The waters of the rivers nearing the sands and stone are pure; those coming from Himalayas are sweet as nectar; those flowing east from the Vindhyas are supposed to produce rheumatism, those flowing towards are supposed to cure phlegm; those flowing though north cure digestive problems and those flowing towards west tend to excite bile.

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